Monday, April 02, 2012

Inebriated Cure - 2

This one is quite the odd beast. I had a tough day of writing and it's only the second day! When it's tough you've got to soldier on. Not sure what to make of it or the title but see what you think. Thanks for looking. Here it is.

Inebriated Cure

One night I dreamt that I was on a drink fuelled ship bound for the moon
and you were an astronaut that floated high above the sky on absinthe.

When I woke a small forest had taken root on my tongue, with creatures and all, and I wondered what you or the doctor might say.

I gathered up my wits, bundled it into a suitcase and roamed wild like a bear.
I slept deep in leaves and got lost in the stories that sticks and twigs told.
I fluttered fiery like a macaw high in the clouds and shrieked an occasional
reply to your text messages that you assaulted me with daily.

I asked if you could hold my world within your hands and imagine
taking up shelter under the mangrove and bathing in a pool full of light.
You said no and asked me for a drink but I only laughed and said that I had drunk every last drop.

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