Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Blue Eyed Boy, Seedling, Forest and Arctic Explorers

I've been trying a few new things like painting and mixing art with poetry. It's only early days.

Poem 20 - Blue Eyed Boy - words taken from the Sunday paper
and done with pen, pencils and watercolours. I sent this as a postcard to Australia. 

The visual version of Seedling used for Mail Art on Earth Day
Everything is read on the left and then the right.

A forest scene
Tree Hugger
The colour of my world
is emerald and turtle green,
and I think of you in a leafy
fern dress embraced by a tree. 

Arctic Explorers
It’s rained ice for days
and the sea is white and static.
Ahead lights signal in the distance,
relaying messages from voyagers,
lost centuries ago, who rounded land
uncertain, meeting winds head on,
sailing southwards into snowy skies
and icy dark seas.


Anonymous said...

Hey, did you ever get my postcard?

Taidgh Lynch said...

I did yes. A nice surprise. I really liked it so I have it hanging on my wall. Instead of sending you an email about getting it I thought it would be nice to reply with a postcard. So that's what I did, though it seems to be taking its time. I still don't have 100% faith in the postal system. Fingers crossed you get it. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Hmm...I thought that might be the case but my constant fear of lost mail took over, causing me to cave in and seek electronic acknowledgment. Next time I vow to hold back and watch my mailbox!

Taidgh Lynch said...

I think fear of lost mail is a very real fear.
Sometimes the responsibility lies on the shoulders of the mailmen/mailwomen and they may have developed a habit of keeping or discarding the mail. Post-boxes also assist in losing the post. Certain boxes are constantly full and the letters could spill out on the road. I once found a few letters on the road. Having a full post-box isn't a bad thing as it's a sign that people are using it or it could just indicate it isn't being emptied.

There are a host of reasons for lost mail so maybe our fears are justified. Or maybe I'm being too serious about it all.

Perhaps a poetry series on this topic would be a good idea.