Sunday, April 29, 2012


Her blue eyes had green flecks in them 
and in a green fleck was a green copper pool
and in this pool were trees, mountains, and sky. 
An entire world existing in a reflection.  

Plant three different varieties of carrots, a bean row,
a couple of marrows, rooting potatoes, cucumbers and leek.
Light plays tricks on red brick. The sunrise: pink as a cherry blossom.
Wind rustles leaves. Stand guard. Watch the weather.

I miss the sound
of the cuckoo
above oak tree

branches I climb
higher, higher
surface blue sky. 

We sweat big globs of sweat 
and these globs run down our 
long smooth backs. Like traffic 
the sweat collides hitting head on,
swerving, veering, mixing into pools 
and layers, submerging skin.

Each day we swim to work wearing wetsuits to keep warm. We swim over submerged cities, pass silent factories, dive through empty apartment blocks.

In our dreams we melt, fold suits, lie naked in the sun, heat up like cars, cruising into the black, smooth asphalt night. And we leave it all underneath, our splashing legs butterfly stroke into the sky.

We are rich. We have bars and bars, 
oblong in shape. They're not heavy nor golden, 
but soft black and dense, dried and compressed. 
Fit for fires where stories weave like magic.


Anonymous said...

Taidgh, those photos are ethereal. You are so lucky to live near such beauty. Also, I like 24 and 28.

Taidgh Lynch said...

Hey, Sean! Nice of you to drop by. Yes I'm lucky, though sometimes I forget how blessed I am. It takes someone to remind me :) And I've a great view of the mountains outside my window too.

I've started editing most of the poems I wrote in April, trying to lengthen some of them (I think Turf wants to be longer) as I tend to gravitate towards shorter poems. Then the fun starts, submitting them for publication!

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, I know about that sort of fun. Sometimes it feels like I spend more time researching places to submit, formatting work, and sending stuff out than I do actually writing. Actually if I added it all up, that's probably true. Sad, but true.