Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I've got to keep a handle on writing a poem a day because if I don't keep up with it the challenge will slip away. I didn't realise how difficult it would be, but I now know it's tough. I think I'm three poems behind so I'm going to continue a poem on the current day and then catch up on the missing days. Here's my poem. Thanks for looking. 

Love in Sleep

We journey home every night wearing our skin all zipped up.
In our bed we close our eyes, cross Alps on skis, make our way
over ancient kingdoms and float over the Atlantic on radio signals.

Sometimes I slip in and out of my skin the way you slip out of
your dress and imagine the world without its multi-storey car parks,
without underwater restaurants and silicone implants. Then you
cover me thick in comfort and you stretch out your hand and
squeeze mine tight. You snake your legs through mine and wrap
your arms round my chest. Sometimes I sleep-talk and discuss
the weather - all hot and balmy. I debate current affairs and offer
up excuse after excuse that could blanket the world. There are
times our thoughts intersect and cross like wires and hang upside
down for hours but we don't discuss bills or the mortgage or how
we struck a match and set fire to the moon.

Some days we pretend we are dead and we live like ghosts
shuffling our feet as we journey home night after night
existing only on love.


Anonymous said...

I like this one. It's got a good flow to it. Nice work!

Taidgh Lynch said...

Thanks for the read! If only flow could be easier to find.