Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Weather, Forest and Reflection

I've been struggling to write this post after losing most of what I was writing due to my computer crashing. One thing that I should've learned is to constantly back up, but somehow I got careless and of course was struck. So I tried to put it together again, which has been fustrating to say the least. 

Here I go - Most conversations here revolve around the day's weather. Words like: terrible, shocking and miserable are used. There's of course the f-word which normally goes before and/or after each word. Recently the weather has been spectacular and with this change comes a change in vocabulary. Words like gorgeous, fine, beautiful and magnificent are bandied around. It, however, doesn't mean that the swearing stops.

Because of the weather I've been cycling more and taking pictures. I like getting lost in forests. I'm not a tree hugger I just like the magic of forests. I've been trying my best to capture the green and soft lighting that's found under the branches of trees. I found a nice quiet spot and read the entire 2nd Issue of Bird Shit which is a perzine from Robin Yourgrave. I like reading in a tranquil spot.  One thing hit me as I read was the idea that material possessions doesn't mark one's happiness. She says:

"All of mine (refferring to belongings) had been stripped away from me and I got along just fine. If anything it was a sense of releif to not be the owner of all these things. Material just ends up being a burden. When I was planning to move to Denver, the largest complication that I came across was the fact that at the time I had so much useless shit. It was going to cost almost a grand to get all my stuff to its destenation. This is no way to live. I'm happy to say now that the majority of the stuff that I I need can be shoved into a bag and strapped onto my back at any given day."

So I had a little think about it, sitting there in the forest, and I realised that sometimes I think what I own marks my happiness or I think if I own more or get what I want I'll be happier. Of course this is not the case, though I am happier when I read, which means I buy a lot of books and have built up a bit of a library with comics, art zines, journals, non-fiction and novels, which by the way spills out of my bedroom. So forget trying to fit it into a bag. I have a little confession - I'm a bit of a horder when it comes to books so I've put a hold on buying anything new. First I need to finish reading what I have. So I just wanted to tell you about by little moment in a forest where I had some time to reflect thanks to a perzine! Here are the pics.


Anonymous said...

Whoa...that looks like some forest! Ours are not looking quite so green yet.

Taidgh Lynch said...

We're blessed here with a some mighty fine green forests. So I should stop complaining about the rain :)