Thursday, March 22, 2012

Mail Art and Handmade Cards

It was a beautiful spring day yesterday so I went for a cycle and took a few photos on the way. It turned out to be colder than I had anticipated, but it was nice and dry. Any day that's dry here no matter the temperature is considered a good day.

I've been keeping up with letter writing. Sometimes I like to write letters (emails aren't very personal) to people I've bought books or comics from to give them a heads up and to express my appreciation. It's nice to say thanks. One letter I wrote recently was to Rabid Rabbit to thank them for the package they sent and for including a free issue. I was a happy customer so I wanted to express my happiness by writing a letter, include a handmade thank you card  and some Mail Art. Sometimes working with a theme gives the art more of a focus and it was easy to come up with a theme - rabbits. You can see I decorated the front and the back and drew three rabbits on the thank you card. I'm sure you can figure out the connection with the names.

Here's a card I made for Mother's Day (18 March this year) and a bookmark I made and included in the card. In this corner of the world Mother's Day is celebrated in March - fact. (Update: Mostly celebrated in March  as it falls on the fourth Sunday of Lent.)


Anonymous said...

Interesting. I didn't know that Mother's Day was celebrated on different dates. How strange. Given that mothers are universally recognized, you'd think we could've decided on just one date!

Taidgh Lynch said...

You would think we could decide on one date. We've decided on the same date with Father's Day.

Mother's Day started as Mothering Sunday and it fell on the fourth sunday in Lent. Somehow Mother's Day got mixed into it and we celebrate Mother's Day on Mothering Sunday. Quite the confusion!

I wrote that the holiday is in March, well I remember it was sometime in April last year. I should have said it's in March most of the time.

I need to get my facts straight.