Friday, February 10, 2012

Welcome ILK

I'm always excited about new poetry journals and ILK is a spanking new online poetry journal. Judging by its first two issues it looks as if it's shaping up to be a fairly fine one at that.

You can find work by poets who've already established themselves in online journals as well as in print. Names like: Nate Pritts, Wendy Xu, M.G. Martin, Thomas Patrick Levy, and Gina Myers.

Check out the ILK journal here 

Here's a poem in Issue two by Elena Tomorowitz:


I am sleeping with the reader
of my poem. He says he likes it.

I cover his body in knits
and afghans. He plays the part

of the politician, I play the part
of the pollution, hovering over

him, pushing cigarettes
into his mouth. We aren’t yet

married, but he wants
to be the one on top.

We play together like birds
with heavy bodies.

He can’t seem to get off
the ground without falling.

I can’t hollow my bones
enough to make me lift.

I am the never ending ending
and the bones, they never get thinner

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