Monday, February 27, 2012

Web Exile Wednesday

Taking my first Wednesday off for my web exile off sorts last week was a huge SUCCESS! Forgive the shouting. I was under the illusion that I would get urgent emails or offered my dream job. None of that. What I did get, however, were emails on how to smell sweeter below the belt, how to save on tv bills, and an urgent email from Mr. Fakir. Mr. Fakir's client happens to be Mr. Saif Al Islam Gaddafi the son of the late Libyan leader, who needs my help to disperse $38,000,000 into various bank accounts. Of course Mr. Fakir requests all my details. Apparently he needs my private number for voice communications.

So on Wednesday, oblivious to Mr. Fakir's urgent request, I was able to send off a few letters (real hand-written letters!) to a few kind and generous people who sent me zines and letters. I was also able to do some mail art, which I find highly entertaining, at least in an entertaining myself type of way.

Here's a drawing I did on the back of an envelope that I sent to Brian Polk whose zine is the brilliant Yellow Rake. I must write up a review on Issue 27 soon.

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