Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Happy Birthday Wordlegs!

Issue 9: Spring '12 marks Wordlegs' two years as an online literary journal. Wordlegs offers literature to "younger Irish readers by young and emerging writers." There are a lot of online literary journals, but what makes this one a bit different is that it's only open to submissions from writers living in the Republic or in Northern Ireland. The standard of writing is also very high, and you can find short stories, poetry and other forms.

Here's a taster from Issue 9

"Goldfish"  Cal Doyle

The glow of streetlamps

swam like goldfish

in the valley below us.

On the horizon chimneys

smoked strings up to the

neon coloured cloud cover.

This town can’t hold its liquor

you said, then you

lit a cigarette.

You swept your pale fingers

through the darkening light

like a young girl to

a springtime pond might

to scatter goldfish, perhaps,

or her reflection.

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