Saturday, November 26, 2011

Nanowrimo Update

It's nearly over, thanks be to God! I haven't enjoy it one bit. I have a lot of words  (swear words) that I can fling at the thing, but I won't. Why such a challenge exists in November is beyond me. Isn't that a busy time for most people? It was very busy for me this year. Everything seemed to happen at once. At least I have 26361 words so far and I am still plugging away. I think the idea of just write, it doesn't matter if you have no plot idea or characters fleshed out, doesn't work - at least not for me.  It has made me sick.

The story has gone through a lot of changes and it will continue to do so. I wanted to keep it serious it is far from that. At the moment it is about a man who invents a machine that types out a strange code. Another machine exists that can translate this code but it is in a secret location. The man dies mysteriously. Meanwhile anyone who had direct or indirect contact with him is visited by a strange and secretive organisation. Some of these people that get visited are: a contract killer, a postgraduate student, a retired couple, and a hotel porter. Somehow all these people are connected and only through them can the code be translated and the mystery of the man and his code machine be revealed.

Odd things you can find in the story so far:
  • clowns.
  • a talking duck.
  • an interview with the world's last alcoholic.
  • a giant kettle.
  • a house that has developed a consciousness.
  • a day in the life of a shower.
  • an obese man who lives in a virtual world as an A-list actor.

And so the fun continues.

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