Saturday, May 03, 2008

A little bit of my screen treatment

What do you think -do you want to see more? By the way it is how to write a script treatment.


In a large metropolitan area. Rush hour. MARK KELLY a slim attractive man in his late twenties sits in his twelve-year old Toyota taping the steering wheel. The traffic starts to crawl. Mark turns off into an underground car park. He parks, hurriedly jumps out of the car, tightens his tie and runs into a nearby lift. As the elevator passes each floor it fills up. The lift stops at floor twenty-five, Mark pushes through the crowd and enters a busy office. A large sign reading: “In- Designs” hangs over the entrance. The floor is covered in a sea of cubicles.

Mark works hunched in front of a computer in a small cluttered cubicle. He is wearing headphones. A picture of an older woman sits on his desk. DEREK MALLOW a stern, man in his forties raps his knuckles on Mark’s desk. Mark puts down the headphones and looks up. Derek berates him for turning up late. He tells him to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Mark tries to tell him that he was stuck in rush hour; Derek says he is in no mood for excuses. He tells Mark to give him an update on the progress of the web ads for a Bank of Ireland web promotion. Mark says it’s completed and it was handed over to the proper channels. Mark clears his throat suggesting that he be assigned a more creative project, one with fewer constraints. Derek goes all quiet. He informs Mark that soon everyone will be asking for creative jobs. He asks how long Mark has been working for. Six long years, replies Mark. Derek tells him that he’s lucky to even have a job given the economic downturn. Mark sticks his head down and gets back to work.

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