Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I have been very busy. I guess that is a good thing, not much time for causing trouble. I have thought my blog would die a death, I am still thinking it will go the way of dinosaurs. Fingers crossed it will not, and I will have things to post. Perhaps I can start posting my essays, the ones I have to write on a regular basis for university. Hopefully not! What have I been doing? I've been writing a film script treatment and a series of film scenes. I've been writing essays that have to do with the state of the Irish media and been reading books on photography for my thesis. Oh the joy!

So this is what I have been thinking since I have been laid off. You know I used to work in a newspaper as part of the production team? I have been thinking I'll become a teacher (again- taught for over a year) and teach English as a foreign language, get paid well and travel the world. Quite the plan. While I am at it I will become a Chinese language translator, a professional photographer, a proficient writer, and a documentary maker that straps cameras on to elephants and asks them nicely to film all the shots I need for my animal doc. Such mighty plans!

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Sharon said...

haha! Sounds like a plan. That should keep you busy and out of trouble. And you can go somewhere sunny! (I mean, if there are elephants it's gotta be sunny, no?)