Tuesday, February 05, 2008

So I have to write a script

Brief outline: In the not too distant future a young man enrolls in a sea exploration academy determined to lead the way in solving the world's energy crisis but his dreams are sent crashing down when he is faced with a frightening realisation that everything is not what it seems.


In the not too distant future natural resources have been drained from the earth. Production of fossil fuels are at an all time low, and big corporation bosses have monopolised what little reserves are left.

Due to the depletion of natural resources an emphasis has been placed on finding an alternative energy source. The sea is seen as an ideal candidate as the depths of the sea have been largely unexplored. Sea academies have been set up through-out the world to capitalise on the possible benefits that exist in the sea. Multi-national corporations remain at odds, internal and external conflicts ensue as they battle it out for supremacy in the race to find energy sources.

In steps the central character, Alan (name could be changed), 22. He enrols into one of the top sea exploration colleges in the country. He has been brought up having to worry for nothing, and knows nothing of hardship. He enters the world naïve, and unaware of the power struggles that exist within the corporations. His ambition is to succeed, to become the best in the academy and be a central component in solving the world's energy crisis. He has high goals and he sets these by pushing himself to train and study hard. He is an example of what dedication and hard work can accomplish. He is not quiet about his achievements, he makes it clear to all involved that he is there to succeed and that other activities outside of his study mean nothing to him. He is good with the ladies but this does not concern him, as his drive to succeed is the dominant factor that rules his life. He makes it known to others that he is the best and his drive to become the best is never far from his thoughts.

After spending over six months in an underwater training facility he is given a weeks leave on the surface. The academy feels that students must receive some time on land to clear the head and to get a break from the pressures that exist when training. Alan sees this as a step backward, even a short break could jeopardise his plans of success. On land things are quite different there is an uneasy feeling in the air, as a lack of energy resources have put a dent in the economy, corporations restrict what little resources are available to achieve their own ends, they also barter the resources to the highest bidder. Other problems have arisen. Alan is in a small bar watching the news (though how the owner has secured such a commodity is unknown). The main headlines comes on reporting on the growing cases of missing persons. This is then followed on a report of the growing problems of synthetic organs that are beginning to malfunction. Alan realises there are more problems on the mainland then he realised and wishes to be back at the training academy.

Before his leave is up, however, he is involved in a hit and run, which ultimately puts his dreams on hold. When he discovers the news that he is paralysed from the waist down, he is distraught, and in disbelief he struggles with the fact that his dreams will never be realised. Alan is at a loss as he built his entire life on fulfilling his goals. He is visited by the academy's head of exploration, Gary Wiseman in hospital. Mr Wiseman tells Alan that the academy wishes to have no part in the investigation of the hit-and-run. Such an investigation would only slow down the progress that the academy has made in recent times and means that resources would be used up into finding the culprits rather than exploring the possible resources that were in the sea. So Alan remains alone, he cannot contact his parents, and has no link to the outside world. Then one night he overhears talk about the recent disappearance of corporate bosses, blackmail and unethical practises within powerful corporations and sea exploration academies. He hears that it is common for sea exploration employees to be harassed, and even killed by other academies and power hungry corporations. He realises that the corporations have made everyone believe that there was an energy crises so that they could control and dominate the market. He has all this information but he is paralysed. He struggles coming to terms with the fact that feuds and corporation infighting was probably the cause of his predicament. He realises, however, that he must do something with the information to expose the corporations that are at fault. However, when a reporter calls around to print his story, he is quickly informed of his confidentially agreement which was signed when he joined the academy. Alan realises he is up against a brick wall and that friends and parents that he wants help from cannot be contacted. We leave Alan in the hospital, the TV is blaring with reports of allegations and corporation mishandlings in the race to solve the energy crisis. All Alan wants to do is realise his dream but he realises that he has been screwed over by the academy on which he pinned his hopes on to achieve his goals. This, however, is marred by the fact that he is naively holding onto his dreams and even if he was fully functional his world is driven by greed and corruption and that if he was to make a full recovery he may be forced to become ruthless if he is to succeed.

A few thoughts:

An underwater scene or one of Alan training would be a possible opening sequence. This could give one an idea of what is going on. The endless expanse of dark cold world, contrasted with underwater vessels might be plausible. Or a shot of the sea being overrun by corporate ships all fighting to discover an energy source.

Would there have to be a discovery in the sea to warrant a mad energy race?

Is there a government, or do companies dictate the goings on in Alan's world?

What does the world look like? Is it a highly complex society, dominated by technology or is the world a picture of chaos?

Who are the corporations? Would two rival corporations be enough? At least there would be two entities to latch onto.

What significances do the sea exploration academies have? Couldn't the corporations drive these academies?

Would I need another somewhat central character? Such as a female student that shows some interest in him, but Alan disregards any form of attention? Would a more central baddie would operates on the scene be more accessible than just 'the corporation'?

What relevance does malfunctioning synthetic organs have on anything? Could this be a sub-plot?

When Alan overhears a conversation, is this enough to make him believe that something isn't right? The introduction of Wiseman relating to him of his need for silence may make him suspicious but does something more have to happen to drive the point home that something isn't right?

Who controls the media? Why would corporations be telling the people about the state of the country or economical/political scandal?

Is Alan's character paper thin? He is a character, a driven one at that, who must succeed. While he is a strong, and a hungry to succeed character he is also naïve. He is unaware that his noble characteristics and his ethical qualities that push him to succeed may be put to one side if he is to fully succeed. If he did succeed would he become a ruthless, power hungry character that carries out the wishes of 'corporate' bosses? He could end up as a corporate boss, who despises everyone and everything. Maybe he never gets hit and never ends up in the hospital. Maybe he discovers the corporation's corruption and is at odds with his ethical response to such a dilemma and his wish to fulfil his dreams? Maybe he doesn't care, but then the character wouldn't matter to us - he must care about something, but maybe his faith in humanity becomes destroyed.

Is there a resolution? Is it too weak to leave the character hanging in 'space'? Does this leave one wondering what really happened, and what decisions were made?

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Sounds pretty intense.

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