Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Moo-ve over

Hullo! So I have started my script writing course, and it is tough. It is difficult to come up with ideas, to flesh out characters, to know more about them than your best friend and the list goes on. The main thing is having an idea, a character, something that is of interest, even a death of a dog could be a starting point, could be the focus of the script.

I was reading an article about this cow heist, a few robbers managed to steal a cow, fit it into their stolen car and then they ended up crashing the car and injuring the cow. If that wasn't enough the poor cow was then killed and barbecued by the local villagers.

How does one fit a cow into a car??!!! That thought had me thinking for a while.

Such a bizarre story needed a mention.

So the script writing course is tense, just thinking about it gives me the shakes, and I don't enjoy the shakes.

Oh, so it is going to be a month now, well by the end of this week since i have started working for a newspaper. I do layout and the like, although at the moment I am a newbie and don't know much. Wait a minute - that's not true- I know everything! Hahha!

I was stuck on proofreading one day - surprise I can proofread- and I realised that a lot of journalists sucked at writing. Simple errors littered some of the articles, though I had to use my brains and realise that I could not really edit their work as it meant that what ended up on the page would not resemble their work at all. And I don't want a ratty journalist latching onto my throat. So I just did a quick spell check, and searched for glaringly obvious errors that struck me like a ten foot pole. Then I went home and smirked to myself - I can become a proofreader.

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