Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A dream

I had a dream the other night. It had a beginning, a middle and end. When it was over another dream progressed and it was mostly in German, even though I can't speak German but that's a different dream.

It was a story, had a linear narrative. I had a special view of the main character. When I woke up I felt very good with myself, like I had written the dream. I remembered it all when I woke up, but now it is vague. The place was a holiday resort and a few of us had to steal a boat from a corrupt businessman who owned most of the business in the place. It was kind of silly but it turned out to be a dingy, and there was this elaborate plan to get it. We had to go through all these hotels, and secret passages to get to the dock that was heavily guarded. From what i remember we finally got to the place and stole what could be loosely termed a boat.

Then we started having secret tours showing a select few how we robbed the 'boat'. There was a love interest, blonde - she was running around in this gold Victorian gown half the time. So anyway the main character gets guilty and decides to return the boat, but in doing so he gets caught though he makes sure everyone escapes before he gets caught. The girl who is smitten by him disappears and in captivity the guy senses that she is going to kill herself because she thinks that she'll never see him again. So he escapes, and looks everywhere for her. There's this big glass building and he looks through the glass that is not broken and senses she is in there. So he smashes through the glass. He sees a big black hole below and a kid who is falling just beneath him he reaches out and grabs her and pulls her up to safety. He then decides to jump. He knows his the girl is down there somewhere, he has to get to her. But it seems insane as he falls into the darkness. He sees skeleton's and bodies that have fallen against the sides. He knows she is still alive, but he has to act quick. Strangely he doesn't think as to how he will manage to rescue her and remain alive. He reaches out and grabs onto blonde braided hair. It's her! So he he pulls on it, but her hair starts to unravel and stretch out like a long rope. Somehow he pulls her up into his arms and they are both looking into each other's eyes. What to do now? They are still falling. All of a sudden there is a big loud sound and a pair of wings unfold from the guys back. A great big pair of white wings. And there the both of them are floating in the dark, his wings illuminating the scene, the girls golden dress, turning a deep dark purple.

And that was that. There was so much more to the story, but i only remember some of it and all of the ending. Haha! Do you want my dreams?


Teeny said...

I want...ALL your dreams.

And your brain, if you don't mind.

Sharon said...

HAHA! Dreams can be so insane. I love them.
Cool about the wings... I smell some sort of meaning. heh.