Saturday, December 22, 2007

Who brings Pepsi to Children for Christmas?

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I slept for fifteen hours the day before yesterday, all that sleeping bit me in the arse and i only slept for two last night. Great! Fifteen hours sleep is good going especially if you could sleep for a lot longer if it wasn't for a phone ringing and waking you up. So much for technology, bears are not woken up by phones when they are trying to hibernate. "Hey, Mr. Bear could you answer your mobile phone! The ring tone is annoying!"

I don't like Chirstmas this year, Santa has gotten fatter than ever, the Coca-Cola ads are getting worse. You know the one where he visits this girl when she is little all the way to when she is a grandmother with her grandchild. It's this 3d glazed animation sort of thing. She is this eternal ray of light, Santa the jolly roger, stalking her, her child, her grandchild. He knows what she looks like so he has a good idea of what her offspring look like. Tragic. At the end she gives him a coke back for all the times he has been good to give her one. Now I am assuming that coke doesn't come once a year for this girl, yes i know Christmas comes once a year, but a bottle of coke? And who brings Pepsi to children for Christmas? Huh? Unheard of perhaps.

Surprise, surprise Santa was invented by coke! Santa really spells Satan! Shock Horror Gasp! Ever heard of Santaic Metal??!! Hum...I think it could work!

Coke, red, blood, rose, romance, blush, terror, emergency, Siamese twins joined to the head, a superhero alligator, a milted lover, an 'it', a useless tit.

And I wish I could float endlessly in the purple sky of ether. Do not scream, no one can hear you, talk softly and we will listen to your pleas.

What is colour,
what is light,
what is evil,
what is right?
What is good,
what is bad,
what is happy,
what is sad?

Great a rhyming poem! I'll try another one, done up randomly on the quick.

Dead cold,
there is a chill,
this shopping air
is enough to kill.

eyes stalk presents,
as Santa roams the sky
lights suck electricity,
over each passersby.

Imagine the glee,
when shoppers rush by
and start to fry,
from a bit of electricity.

So i admit the last stanza was dire but yes i tried. I wrote a Christmas poem! Yawn! I need some more sleep.

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