Monday, December 17, 2007

Traffic Lights Direct Traffic Police

So I have been anal by leaving this blog to survive on its own, which isn't really working. Work and study pretty much one after the other with hardly any sleep doesn't help. With hardly anything to write about anymore, except running someones head into a wall.

So Atomic Blog is in imminent meltdown, though don't worry with a little bit of sleep and a bit of turkey and ham I think my nerves will be put at ease. Oh, and I'm working New Years Eve! Yipeee! And I don't have to wear a black shirt! Yippeee again!

An interesting happened yesterday as i was walking home, I saw a female guard (policewoman) standing in the middle of a T-Junction directing traffic well sort of. Every so often she would lift her arm and signal to the drivers to continue on and then she would drop her arm again. So a great effort on her part to direct traffic. As I waited to cross the road, me being the pedestrain, I was puzzled that there was no sign of any other police, a car, or even a platform or something to show that she was directing. I was even more puzzled when i realised the traffic lights were perfectly fine. When the lights turned red, she belatedly raised her arm to the oncoming traffic signally them to stop. Though they had already stopped because the lights had turned red. I crossed the road as the little green man flashed, I thought for a bit, actually i thought about it the whole way home. What the hell was she doing in the middle of the road? The more I thought the more perplexed I became. Now i could be wrong but shouldn't traffic lights be enough, what is the point of putting a traffic cop in the middle of the road to relay what the traffic lights are already doing? I think I found out what was going on, perhaps I live in a country where its citizens need to be assured that if one system goes another friendly system will rise to the opportunity because the back up system is in place. Or maybe that's how they direct traffic here one eye on the road and the other eye getting it's cue from the traffic lights.

Hmmmm, I want to be a traffic police when i grow up.


thisisme said...

Its alright dude, I think everybody is busy this Christmas season.

Good to see your still alive and haven't drowned in a giant vat of turkey lard like the rumors said though.

Sharon said...

When you grow up. HAH.