Saturday, December 29, 2007

New Year Thoughts

On top of college work and work I have vowed that i must write more, especially in the upcoming year which is only a few days away. I have been reading, I need to read more, something to add to my list of to dos. I think reading helps. I should also get out more rather than just exist or survive. Something I want to do in the new year is not just exist but to obtain a certain state of life and creativity. Freaky!


CresceNet said...

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ragingplanetfire said...

why thank you for your kind and friendly comment. I wish you all the success in your spamming endeavor.

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thisisme said...

Yes SPAM, lots and lots of it!!

Good luck with your New Years resolutions dude.

Glad to have known you for yet another year:)

Steve said...

Man does this sound familiar. I always have read a lot, but the writing is hit and miss. So, when are you done at school? Except for two years of undergrad, I had to work full time on through grad school. I don’t recommend it.