Friday, August 24, 2007


We bare the brunt of it,
torso and all, the upper body
and the neck-
the twisted arms,
like branches silhouetted in snow.
We breathe, wrinkled in our drapery
plastic, fake and all,
faces buried, reaching out for redemption
needlessly we fall.

Cascading blood, the lines of fathers
etched deep, scraped within
the thoughts of all as we curl up,
crouch and cry - life has no soul.
Lily like and white, frost falls,
the light of window offers hope,
a little ray of sun-shine
deported mess, destitute,
whale face, pouring death.

Grey sky-sadness, music man, suffer no one.
Line upon line, the shadows of bodies
twist and pain, the stars give eyes to wanderers,
the night gives light to sky.


mClay said...

if you please Mr. Atomic Blogger, I love what you write, and if I found out that the many strange art pieces you post were also yours I would be all the more elated by you. However, I find it confusing (these post with recommendations for Japanese musical artists? other then brilliant stories and poems, whats all the other tripy stuff?.. by the way, other then being really depressing, this was one of the poems I like best

mClay said...

PS, tks for adding my link! kiss

ragingplanetfire said...

Thanks for the comment, ok to explain my postings, all comments that are labelled My Artwork is my art (the strange pieces). Recently I started adding images to a few of my poems this are not main but are images that I got off the net that I feel are related in someways to my poem or that have inspired me to write.

The other posts like the Japanese stuff is just books that I've been reading that someone might be interested in, but I won't be doing that much.

I'll try to keep it strictly to my own writings and work so that it's less confusing.

Thanks for looking. Have a good day;)