Saturday, August 25, 2007

Another Random bit of Thinking - A little too Random Perhaps

White noise, sometimes I wish the world would swallow me up, consume me you black hole. We are going nowhere to get somewhere, somehow i know this. I am a turtle swimming forever in the ocean of your heart.

What is this, this life of mine? I am the peony you are the tree. Save me a place in your heart, room under your covers, a space to lie close to you.


What does it mean? Son? Heat? Light? Tan? Life? Energy? An object instrumental for time? Sun Microsystems?

I do not know. All I know is that I see it, at times, sometimes it is wrapped up by the clouds, but the light is there. Pondering the meaning of life is but a pain in the head at times, wreaking the brain.

Sea-shore the world is my ocean, the light is my life, the stars are my reason, the sun is my wife.

Carrots - strengthen your eyes - help you to see in the dark. What do tomatoes do?

Let me lie next to you girl, consume me, I am yours.

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