Sunday, July 01, 2007


We sat and talked for hours,

bathed in light,

haloed in chrysanthemum

shadowed in white.

little mirrored miracles flickered images

on walls, shadows splashed and sprayed -

a thousand worlds.


Joykie said...

this is cute.
i dont know though, i found the last stanza to be along the same lines as the stanza you put in your about me.
you've repeated several words: little, miracles, and splashes.
i dont know though... what do i know? i dont know, you know...

ragingplanetfire said...

Possibly, I wrote it when I was chatting to you last night.

Joykie said...

really? wow...
well like i said, its cute. i guess you were just in "that mood". i love that mood of yours...