Tuesday, July 03, 2007

If Big Brother watches us, who watches Big Brother?

Bang! Bang! Sometimes I think the light in your eyes will die and I will be dead with no light. Only hollowness, I certain blanket, rough and coarse that smoothers, strangles the veins and arteries.

Pretend that I am your enemy, give me as much attention as you would give your friend, laugh at me till the end.

A Happy Meal sounds nice though a Sad Meal would suit my mood better. Every bite of sadness, filling the belly a little more.

One, two, sometimes I cannot count the days or months, words are sometimes letters and the other way around. The desert is a large expansive forest of sand, gritty stuff that is rough and edgy, difficult to get out of toes.

When Bush builds a perimeter around America and all those on this quest of righteous then the world will be safer, outside.

If big brother watches us, who watches Big Brother?

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thisisme said...

Glad your back to your randomised prose. This was certainly tasty, with just a twang of Asain.