Monday, June 25, 2007

The Wild West and a Website

So it's pretty much finished, just have to debug and look for broken links. See what you think


Oh yes, I was walking home with a few friends last night with a few beers in a bag, and this guy (dodgey looking) whose white shirt was soaked in blood walked up to us and demanded a can. He had cuts and slashes all over his face and the blood was dripping down his arms. Hahaha! So I was freaking out trying to walk away when my friends just stood there and tried to talk to him and told him politely that he wasn't getting a can.

"Give us a can there!"

"Well it won't stop the bleeding now, will it?"

"Give us a can there!"


So they walked off hoping the guy wasn't going to kill us over a beer. He left us alone and well he could be dead for all i know but thugs have a way of taking care of there own kind. One less threat, hopefully. And there were no blood stains on our clothes, hopefully nothing dripped on us, who knows what one has these days. And then there was this guy with a beer keg, who stole the keg just to climb over a 4 metre wall. His car was on the other side, and he had lost his keys. CAR THIEF!! Surprisingly enough he scrabbled over the wall but forgot to think about getting down on the other side. A big bang followed, but we kept on walking, sure when you live in the Wild West everyone has to look out for themselves.

Sorry no photos.


thisisme said...

Hahah, now tell me, why can't I have adventures like that?

Joykie said...

there is a red couch in my livingroom.