Saturday, June 23, 2007

Some Random Generated Poetry

The sex trembled, her Shakespeare shook,
While the bright sand of the beach plummeted into the jalopy.
Fetch this bone, like a dog I will grip you in my yellow teeth.

Watching Rosanne Arnold from the crystalline wing.
Where the size of the tongue depresser was all that matters
Hearken to thy coat as salaciousness overcomes thee
As I screech in a tree, I terrorize thee
A chain screeches noisily, but no one ever listens...
Fondues exchange from the orange sloth
How easily did the dream come apart, like a broken body in one's eyelash
From a height high above, the preacher grasped the pitchfork.
Spare me your compassionate bauble or I shall chop.

A mountainous range stood before the melancholy light
A light wind waited past, like a robin breaking wind.
A shot pounds . An albatross arises.
Winky, the precise little gigolo smiled with a cherib grin
Tanks are larger than cougars, likewise a neck is better than nothing.
A wallet or a flabbergasted komono dragon is the key
"Dominate me with your overpowering arm!" Marie Curie moaned briefly.
Why ask why ? One plans this always.
So deal not with this once thy glorious wall flower.

1 comment:

Sharon said...

HAHAHAHAHA! God, those were funny!
Especially "Light"
I can't stop laughing...HELP!