Thursday, June 14, 2007

I'm a Crucifixition Model

So my modeling career has kicked off without any trouble. I have to warn you it's a semi-nude shot for all you people who have never seen a nude man. I'm going to get head shots done soon. I don't know what the berries are all about. I'm ever so pleased with my body and the bronze colouring that my skin emits. I'm in need of a shave and hair trim. Hahaha!


Sharon said...

whahahaha! That is precious. Especially the berries. I mean....berries! Piled on top of your head!
And I must admit, the heart is cute. :P

the.cog said...

holy shit dude... once u get over the .... well.. your nakedness... its a pretty damn good picture. art wise.


Anonymous said...

Interesting. :P

~Female from planet Earth