Monday, June 04, 2007

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Origins of 'TheTruth'

The Truth is based upon the ideals that, if something is'nt working for you .. change it. The Truth asks nothing of its members, unless they wish to contribute of course to further it's suggestions and ideals, so that we all may live in peace and harmony with each other in this plane of existence.

The Truth follows no Gods, has no hierarchy, and requests nothing of it's members to remain availible to anyone who wishes to enter it's recieving and always open arms.

The Truth Tablet

The origins of The Truth can be traced all the way back to somewhere between the creation of the universe and 20:15GMT on the 16th February 2006. The Truth was born of the continuing frustration at the world at large that was felt by it's founding fathers, The Three Prohpets of The Truth, and their faithful followers.

The foundations of The Truth are basically to live one's life the way one chooses. At the very center of this foundation is the Symbol of Truth ... which is engraved on The Truth Tablet [pictured above].The Truth Tablet is said to be hand crafted [literally by hand] by one of The Three Prophets of The Truth from solid granite, during their 3 week journey through the Dark Side, during which Brock the Bearded one was lost for a time only to return unscaved from the evils that dwell there [discussed in more detail in the section 2].

The symbol engraved on The Truth Tablet is said to represent the movement of the same poop back and forth forever, and has become synonymous with The Truth and it's followers.


thisisme said...

I looks kinda funny... confused if its supposed to be for real or entirely a joke, or perhaps a mix of the two.

ragingplanetfire said...

it's a bit of both, kind of a silly project of one of my friend's.