Sunday, June 17, 2007

Any Comments about my Blog?

What would you like to see more on this blog, besides naked shots with me with berries on my head? Do you like the random thoughts, do you prefer my poems, would you like to see more stories. Or is it best just to be my little creative self and just post whatever I want?

Would you like to hear me speak or see a close up of my eye? Blink, blink.


Dre said...

I liked your random thoughts, they gave me laugh on chilled, grey mornings... and your older poetry too, the shorter micro-artist type.

Those pictures of you never cease to humor me though, so yes, definately don't cut

Joykie said...

we love everything you put up here, taidgh. i want to see more prose. like more short articles, with all your deliciousness.

ragingplanetfire said...

i feel all warm inside! Awww!