Friday, May 18, 2007

Xenophobic Penguins say “go back to Chile.”

A penguin, member of the Magellanic species and native of southern Chile has migrated 5,000km from his home, arriving in Peru, this week. It seems that the penguin arrived with no dependants or possessions, and seeks integration with local Humboldt penguins. However, the avian asylum seeker has not found a welcoming community of feathered friends. Penguin racism has been at an all time high in South America, as migrating birds who seek a better life in foreign countries are seen as a threat to local resources such as fish and employment.

“Its no secret that global warming is having disastrous effects on our climate,” stated one burly Humboldt in Peru’s Paracas National Reserve. “Our environment is closing in on us, ice caps are melting, fish stocks are depleted, we’re really doing all we can just to support ourselves here.” It seems that other factions of the Humboldt family are less diplomatic. Far-right extremist groups have been organising rallies in central parts of the park. A powerful orator amongst them is reported to be stirring up racial hatred.

It has emerged that the penguin was fleeing from persecution in Chile, and under the 1951 Refugee Convention, has a legal claim to asylum in the host country. He is currently being detained at a holding centre in the National Park to verify his identity and documentation. There is a possibility that he may have been fleeing authorities in his home country on account of his political beliefs.

The increase in migration is putting a strain on Peruvian penguins to step up their asylum and immigration procedures. Fascist groups and sectors of the media are playing on the public’s sensitivity in a time of scarcity and environmental downturn.

However this concerted effort is met with anger from Birds-Rights groups around the globe. “The rights of penguins are under threat in Peru, and we’re monitoring the situation closely,” says Bobby, a large bald eagle, President of Bird Rights Watch. “Refugee penguins, of any colour, should be free from racial hatred and discrimination in host countries, and there is no excuse for responding to rising immigration a rise in fascist immigration laws.”

It remains unclear on what basis this penguin may be discriminated against, as according to sources on the ground he too, is black, and white.


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