Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Finally the day has come when Negura Bunget will be playing! Monday should be a good day, with most of my studying done and listening to Romanian Neo-folk metal should make it less than mundane.


Joykie said...

what is it with you and completely random, obscure and totally unheard-of bands...
yess, that's what we all want to see, more journal-type posts about your day, what you're doing... have you been eating well like i instructed you to? perhaps you should post up what you eat everyday so i can keep an eye on you and make sure you're getting a good diet of carbohydrates and sugars to put some fat on them irish bones of yours.
i want to see more rhymes! im going to stop visiting this site out of spite (lookie a rhyme right there!) if you do not post some rhymes. only kidding, man, you know this is one of the main blogs i visit. i do so want rhymes tho.
wow this comment is getting longer. should i continue blabbing? it'll mean that you'll have to give me an equally long (even longer!) comment on my own blog. you never speak there, your voice there helps me make sense.
anyway i suppose i will shut up now. need to shower, been comatose in my bed all day.
all that to say... french poofy poof, you're the best.
(i'd say mwah, but i can't stand that term, it makes girls sound so dumb...)

ragingplanetfire said...

they're my favourite band now, saw them live and a hot chick was playing the keyboard and head banging, nothing to do with Negura Bunget being my fav band.

Dre they're Romanian! Check them out.