Friday, March 16, 2007

Cry - something random

I heard the howl of howitzers;
& when you cried,
it was because of me,
the faint little pain
crumbled you, made you wish to be consumed
inside dark womb.

Perhaps I can convince you
I am not evil, I can be cruel
and talon like, but I am soft,
calm and silent.

Wars are not for us,
why do I make you cry?
oblivious is my second name
anger feels like death.

Peace is for the weak,
death is for the strong
life is not a peach
why can't we get along?


Joykie said...

dude, i miss you.
we've both been so depressed lately, communication is almost impossible!
please know though, that you're still my wannabe french poof...
i've been downloading michael scofield like mad, next epi's out monday. woop woop!
lets drool over him together, mate!
till then, ... i miss you.

thisisme said...

Curious, is this supposed to be the original layout of the poem or the stanza scheme on WF??

ragingplanetfire said...

no it is not! I thought it was too extreme for wf!!! Hahaa! And Joy I miss you too, I have to talk to you again. I am not French poof! POOF! Oh my God! lol