Thursday, February 01, 2007

Carried With Words

these words move round
dropping deep into heart.

These words sound sweet
love is heard in a whisper.

With every little vowel sound,
every little breath of air
tree's grow, smiles outshine the sun.


joykie said...

this filled my heart with sweetness...

Chuck said...

umm... its "trees" because technically if you put a " ' " mark there its showing that it is the TREE's. There's a difference between saying "This is Mark's bicycle" and saying "The hammocks swung in the wind" you have to think whether it is the tree's (like an item ect.) or whether its trees as a group. :)


"That is the tree's fruit"


"Those trees are very beautiful"

hahahaha I'm jk with you, you know that... :P but I did like this one...the last line had alot of feeling to it. Nice.

Dre said...

Very nice sound you got going there dude, one thing though is that it should be "hearts" not "heart." But, other then that, good going.