Friday, December 15, 2006

This is the Marogot

Sometimes the world will watch you and marvel at the times. But it eas not true with this boy th times he said i am waiting for you and the nights in the shallow pools in the times of quiet.

It is true that the night is waiting, as I am waiting to love the night as I love you under the skirt. Sometimes i am helpless this time i am wanting.

This is the quiet, the stillness the gentleness of love, I am the beee, the joyful honey, the loving man in cnarge of the goddess of the moon.


joykie said...

did you write that post when you were high? cos its got more spelling and grammar mistakes than usual. hehe.
its typical you... im loving it.

Psycho said...

hahaha...yeah I was just thinking that...drunkard!!! so cool :P

ragingplanetfire said...

hahaha! No comment. :P