Saturday, December 02, 2006

Google My Name

These days are long and lonely, I wish I could hug. Sometimes it is not enough, enough to see you, to feel you close against me, to hear your heart.

Do you know what makes me tick? Do you know the solution for life? Constant maddness a world devoid of sun. Chances are I am not me, I am a virtual man, a complex piece of work. Do you know where I am? I am stuck somewhere in a spiral.

If you were to google my name would you find me? Would google be the sole reason for finding me? I do not know, sometimes I am old, a greying man, a walking stick in my hand. Do you know when the light is down I see things strange flashes of joy, the moon is in the sky as stars go speeding by. Perhaps I am lonely, and I have been so all my life. I sit in my isolation needing tears to show emotion, needing stars to guide me to you. Forsake me not, I am a boy, I will never grow up though i am aged. Useless is my middle name, I am fixed to your soul.

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angelina said...

how do u echoe my thots so excactly...
i was just thinking of a posting on the same thing.