Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Some Days The Iight Shines in My Eyes And I am Pissed Off

To my friends and female from another planet I have to post more. I miss you female from another planet, do you still view my site? I hope I didn't piss you off.

I drank a bit tonight. Then I saw this car speeding infront of me and I was like what the fuck! It was going too fast so I can get away with saying, "What the Fuck!" I was with two friends and we ran after hearing the screech to find a car mangled and a guy completely speechless peering out of the car. I ran, opened the door englufed in the smoke and said, "Get out!" Some other fellows who saw the crash and stopped to help said, "No you shouldn't say that, say are you okay, can you move?"

I said, "Are you okay can you move?"

He said, "arrhghhh!"

I didn't know what do so I rang 999 they picked up and said, "Who do you want?"

I said "An ambulance maybe?"

No amublance came only the cops and my friends ran. I gave the police my details, my mobile number, hiding the drink that was in my hand. Then I went home and now I am typing. I should be in bed, on my own of course. One day I will write a novel please God!


Dre said...

Hip hip hooray! A hero's made today:D

ragingplanetfire said...

hahah! Dre What are you on? :p

Anonymous said...

I'm still here.


but Here.

~Female from Planet Earth

ragingplanetfire said...

:) I'm happy now! Missed you.