Monday, November 27, 2006

Many Times

you put me on hold
as I listen to the rain outside,
collecting on green leaves,
washing off the buzzing bugs
as they splatter against the window.
I patiently listen
to the quiet hum
on the other side
The drone of life and voices
echoing forever on.

Many times
I have strained to hear you
over rain and noise,
and longed to take you up in my arms
to listen to the soft gentle
beat of your heart.


joykie said...

this poem is beautiful, but it would be even better if it... *cough* RHYMED *cough*.............
been infernally busy these past few weeks and im looking at another such "semana".
damn you, life and all that it implies!
talk to you soon, man. be well.

Psycho said...

I love this one...veddy nice work dahling. ;)