Sunday, November 19, 2006

Friendly Tiger

I wish oranges were the rainbow,
I am just a silent jungle,
red in the sun lit eyes
giant herbs are my delight.

Cars are not my devil
yellow burning man
a friend is not my saviour
purple to the end.

Handle not the abyss,
the sudden wickedness
death of godson
ravaged by nakedness.

and sometimes I happen
upon a ghost of light
a hidden man beneath a
blanket, a towel
of dust
a rose within the stars

Totally helpless.


thisisme said...

Your imagery is better... much better. but its always good. I like this one, immensly.

P. B. Adams said...

I found a new toy recently that I thought you might want to play with. It's on the Star Sequence blog if you want to see. It's called, "The Broken Poem Generator". Here's one it helped me write just now. I may actually take it a little further even. Heh

the blossoms shake

under electric lights without shades
pulling down the shades
below on the ground

nobody ever missed me.
the ashes of your death
gods in chariots

there is a necklace
call it the greenhouse effect
the empty bottle

of the jobless men!
typing one more line now
while the sun was still good

the men stood on their porches
in the warmth of the grape.
they sleep all day and climb trees at night.

ragingplanetfire said...

it's interesting thanks for that. This is my one:

[b]I awakened to dryness[/b]

fried eggs, boiled eggs,
poached eggs stabbed and shaven
my grandfather was a tall