Friday, November 03, 2006

An End

I may be accused as being negative, but there are barriers when it comes to relationships and distance is one of them.

I totally enjoy being with my girlfriend, we have the same sense of humour which is difficult to find. She laughs at a painting that has a head of Judas on a plate - I do the same. She makes fun of me, I do the same. I can pull her leg, and I can do the same. But we have come to the understanding that we can't be apart from each other for three months, we can't be away from each others touch. So we said goodbye the other day, and then I can't sleep for a night. My head hurts, my heart is hungry for her.

What is the meaning? I do not know. She has been with me for six months though I did not see her for three months we remained together- and now we say goodbye, I see why, though I do not understand. I wish I could take a pill and disappear. I wish I could slash my throat and live in the stars forever with the moon to guide me.

Someday I may understand, for now I do not.


joykie said...

there there. *hugs* as harsh as this may sound, the wound will heal and soon she will be nothing but an itch at the back of your mind... a pleasant itch i hope!
never fear.
always hope.
your online stalker. xxx

ragingplanetfire said...

mmm. My online stalker is always welcome. bisous