Thursday, November 30, 2006

Didn't He Say?

You cross yourself off
scratch card queen
you whisper, "I am nothing."

But he does not scratch
he touches, river like -
he says, "You are something,"
though you sit & pretend
you mask wearer,
introvert soul-feeder.

Didn't he say, "I love you."
didn't he whisper along the wall
a slow, sweet skitter of sound
echoing softly down the hall?


Anonymous said...

You will never know how much this poem meant to me.

Is there something wrong with you? How is it that everytime I am going through something, you write something on your blog that relates to it? It's almost as if you knew me.

To be honest with you, it's a wonderful sort of way.

~Female from planet Earth

joykie said...

omg do mine eyes decieve me???
its a rhymer!!
what can i say, miracles happen. :)
write more (rhymers).
x x

ragingplanetfire said...

heehee joykie, I don't know what happened with this one :P You know you are my favourite little elf, just make sure you get paid well. Ok?

And female from planet earth I'm glad it means something to you even if it is frightening. :P

And no nothing is wrong with me, I just write about what affects and influences me at the time and if I commuicate the same things you go through at the time, wonderful. Maybe you link into my mind and control me.

Psycho said...

This is delicious...You know, you're one of the few people that write meaningful and worthwhile blogs :P this one is always a pleasant read... ;)