Thursday, October 12, 2006

Speed Kills

Sometimes I wonder who is me? Who am I? I can see my face in the mirror, but when i walk away I forget at times what I look like, who I am, what is this boy compossed of?

They say hands are hands, blood and water is what flows inside you, but is that really what is in here?

Oh God the torture is building up, these emotions I have drive me insane, what is a month or two a year without you? What is it? But it means so much to me, a minute with you, a second without breathing you, without holding you, without touching you. We can last we can be strong, but we cannot, though I like to think anything possible. If love isn't this then what is it? If the sky is blue then why can't we be as two? I think this is, the thoughts the pattern - of the mind that gets one to think, to strive for the impossible. But is it really possible? Is it worth driving towards a crash? If you knew it was all going to end when you neared the bend would you push the car so fast, at least the thrill was worth it, who cares if you see the crash insight, the speed was worth it. At least I try to tell myself that and hold on to thrill seeing a sudden death insight.

I do not know why I am saying this, but sure this is a place for my thoughts, a kind of healing ground, a place to express myself and put my words down.

Somewhere there is light, there is an answer in the middle of heartache, there is light in the middle of questioning. Smile, the sunset lives in your eyes. Dance, love lives in your steps.

I wait to see you.

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P. B. Adams said...

God, this is so familiar. It's scary. LOL Somehow though, it's nice to know I'm not the only crazy on the planet torturing myself with such thoughts. Misery loves company as they say. :D