Thursday, October 12, 2006

"Let's Meet - By the way I'm a stalker."

I have a myspace account, and nearly a year ago this girl from america requested to be my friend. Friendly me accepted her friendship and told her how lovely Ireland was. We emailed every so often and now she is in Ireland, thanks to me and wants to see me:) What is wrong with me, why do people gravitate towards me? Do they even know me?

Honestly I am afraid of meeting someone off the net, I've never done it before, but I like her photo, who knows mabye I'll be brave and make a meeting. And if I get a stalker out of it, at least I know I'm loved.


grace said...

go for it. You live only once on this small little rock of ours.

J.M said...

uhh.. EXCUSE ME?
you met me on the net didnt you? and then we met in ireland didnt we?
unlesss you are still laboring under the delusion that we met years ago in the same country when we were little....

Psycho said... dating sucks :P

Steve said...

ok, now you got me on one : ) what's a stalker?