Wednesday, October 04, 2006

"Let Us Never Leave this Spot,"

Once I told you,
"My body is yours."
You sat on the yellow porch,
smiling, your eyes reflecting
tall green conifers hugging land.
You nestled close and said:
"Let us never leave this spot,"
the sun melted then, the backdrop
turned fire hot,
a red leap of colour,
a little drop of purple,
a twist of orange.

Inspired by the moment,
hearts promised to beat

Now we sit on porch alone in greyness,
hearts no longer echo affection,
a cold breeze demands a shawl
or some wrap around,
to cover shoulders in the sun.
Bodies want more than this,
when wrinkles cover skin, warmth
is still needed.

Yet we are isolated, with no voice,
no little, "I love you," no kiss on lips,
no greeting face upon wake up.
Frozen in our pride we think fondly back
on framed moment, imagine sky
and the promise to never leave the spot.


J.M said...

sigh... how womanthic!
seriously, it's very touching and sweet.
most love poetry can be a bit repetitive, always saying the same things: love, stars, tears, pain, etc...
you've somehow managed to make this one sound so sweet, pure and sincere.
i like it. i like it alot.

P. B. Adams said...

Yes, indeed. I like it alot also. Very well done.

Steve said...

Very nice…a lot of feeling. Thanks!