Thursday, September 07, 2006


Sometimes the world is irrelevant; everything you have been taught at an early age is only what your parent’s parents’ passed down before them. So what is there to believe then if you realise that everything you believe is really your parent's passing down generations of belief. There comes a time in your life when you decide when you wake up one day and decide for yourself if what your parents taught you is true. Of course you can deduce certain things like maybe your father taught you to drive, told you where the hand brake was and when to use the clutch. You use the driving skills he passed down on you, therefore to you that is a truth. Now religion is an entirely subject which can leave the head in a muddle and cause one, if not careful, to get overly engaged in pragmatic arguments. Say you were a Catholic since an early age because your parents took you to mass where you said a thousand Hail Mary’s. Now some little Muslim boy may question your belief in a virgin and tells you Muhammad is someone that you should get into. Now who is right? People think they are right, in their mind and in their parent’s mind their religion is the one true religion. Everyone is right or somewhat right, everyone has a bit of truth, or a bit of truth is passed down to them, it is up to individual to determine what truth they are to use and follow.

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