Thursday, September 14, 2006

Dreams and Finding Heaven

Forever I try to find a spot of heaven, a green perfect hill, a sky full of clean blue air. If you are true and not a random character from a bit of prose tell me who I am, tell me what land I come from. Who am I, but static? A bit of white noise, a jelly baby full of beans. I count the stars in your eyes, today is goind to rain with comets big the size of mountains, tonight the earth is going to fly. Into the arms of you I fly, ten thousand miles, past a land of whiteness, a bareness, a desert sky of brown.

For in one moment the body watches a man die, an angel glides with one tattered wing. A cross to hold, nails and all, a victim of the soul. Generate this heat no more, make streams of river red clog up, bones shutter and shake past a hybrid god.Dream of night-light, the death star is in me, goodness is a metaphor, seek not riches, seek my blood. If heaven knew the secret it would tell me why I swam through tunnel of light and opened new born eyes into whiteness, screaming for the first time, seeing images of crying mother, a daddy full of pride. Out of one world I came and into new life I became.

Sweet are your dreams the angels sing a summer song, while white flowers dance in the dark. Heaven lives still and it lives deep in you, sleep now and let dreams comfort you.

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