Sunday, September 24, 2006

Dear George

Dear George,

Can I take your dog for a walk, he'd see lots of different things. He'd see little kids you blew up for the sake of a free world, he'd see rotting women dying in the gutters all for the sake of freedom.

I would tell your dog not to lift his leg to pee on a corpse because after all it's impolite. I would tell him a burnt out car might do the trick, but don't pee too much as it may attract more than one wild dog. I would take your dog to cheer up the sick in hospitals, because after all they need cheering up from all the nightly bombing. When the walk is over, I hope your dog will do me a favour and show me where he's walked for you.


An avid Dog Lover


Dre said...

God man... how do you think of this stuff?

ragingplanetfire said...

I do not know how I think of this stuff, normally ideas like this will just pop into my head.

Of course I have to run with the idea even if it is the craziest and not dismiss what some might call a silly idea.

P. B. Adams said...

This is too true and too sad to really comment about. What's even more sad? If George dropped dead tomorrow, the majority of the "Christian" crowd here in the states would mourn his sorry carcass and idolize him as a national hero. How tragic is that?

J.M said...

very tragic indeed.
altho i dont get the part about the other wild dogs.
maybe you could explain that for i the ignorant?

ragingplanetfire said...

male dogs mark their teritory. Poor little George Bush's dog would get mauled by all the wild dogs that feast off the dead, if they are alerted to a new dog on the block. And I hear wild dogs in war torn countries are nasty.

Steve said...

Maybe George cares, maybe he doesn’t…I’d have to call the Physic Hot-line for that one. Maybe the woman lying in the gutter set up the IED that killed my buddy, and would have set up another with my name on it, or…maybe not. I’d have to call again on that one. Maybe that burned out car was loaded with C-5 and twenty school children would have been blown all to hell, just so the driver can get his twenty virgins, or…maybe not. Damn! …Another call!

So what is freedom worth? Is it worth death and destruction? Maybe, maybe not. Maybe it depends on where one is. Maybe it depends on how close one is to the death, or…maybe not. Maybe for those in a fight, freedom, death and destruction don’t even enter their minds…only surviving.

Thanks, Great post! : )

ragingplanetfire said...

Nice to get a comment from you Steve, after what you said I might follow up on this idea.