Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Would She be Gentle? -- RandomThoughtsThirteen

If a girl wanted to rape me would I let her?

Would she say, "Please?"

Would she be gentle?

Would she hate me, would I resemble all men who hurt her? Would she call me dog, woman-beater, bastard? Would she hate me because I am male? Would I be an image of all things man? Would I let her, would I resist? Soldier on, until the end, make a pact with life. Suffer me no more, take me home and comfort me. If you ask nicely I will jump into bed with you, no need for rape. I'd show you all men are not alike, I can be gentle.

Please be kind, I am soft, I like to touch, I like to kiss.

Sunshine is the heaven the rain is God crying happy tears. I am a child, I will never grow, I have stunted growth. Do you trust me, can you see it in my eyes that I want no hurt, and if I hurt you it is not me?

It is not me, this man of skin is only temporary, am vexed by blood and bones. I live outside my flesh.

Call the souls of hell ask them for security, ask them what makes them live. It's the dream of redemption I tell you.

Crash. Crash. What makes you crash, a crashing car, a crashing mind, a dive to death.

What makes you live what makes you love me? You say, "I wish you had a period." but you do not know me, I bleed more than you, I bleed internally, my heart weeps blood continually. I cannot plug it, or stop it from leaking. It is eternal. Forever I spout, my eyes conduits for tears.

Say not I ignore you, I live for my words, I eat words you sleep them. You write better than me, you come up with silliness, I reply with my silliness, but my words are stupid in your foolishness. Contact the alien commander tell him I am ready for my head transplant. "I'm coming home daddy, mommy is the sun!"


Anonymous said...


Once again you have expressed it all so perfectly.
How you do it, I don't know.

Some say that people like you who write ramdom things are just trying to be deep. They think that what they don't understand is just someone trying too hard.

I disagree.

Of course, I don't know you, so I can never be sure. I don't know if it is real, or just a farce.

But whatever it is, I relate. If I relate to something, than it is real. If not for you, than for me.

Always stay a child...the "grownups" are messed up.

ragingplanetfire said...

haha! No it is real, my random thoughts are really some of my purest thoughts becoz i write what ever comes into my head and I don't edit them. And it makes a lot of sense to me. At times I am viewed as crazy for the way I express certain things but sure if you want to know what I'm like look at my thoughts.

U'll see I'm confused, angry, lost, a child, think too much, have reckless streak, and a whole load of things that I am still trying to get around my head.

It is real, believe me.

Anonymous said...

I believe you.

Because it makes alot of sense to me too.

I don't know about angry, but I am also just a confused child.

~Female from planet earth