Monday, August 14, 2006

What's Happening with My Novel?

And so it is (no I won't sing that song by good old Damien Rice), the novel is slowly being written, I have to get back into it, thankfully I have been able to write a bit more. Like over 1,200 words!

It is crazy, the words are odd, the novel, if it is ever to be one, will probably make some laugh and others cry. Laugh because in my little head it is funny, comic, a bit of a joke. Cry because that same comic farce might be viewed as insanity, not much purpose at all, endless.

I have been asked to post a bit to see where it is going, I will do no such thing, I have to finish it first, I will soon, hopefully it will see some end.

Can fantasy be real, yes it can, fantasy is real at least in my mind, I live in a fantasy world, won't you come and live here too?

When the world is mad I am mad, when the world is sane, I stay mad. Strange the thoughts inside me, this novel when it gets done will contain thoughts from me, musings from me. Can life b different? I hope so. Cloning is envolved, a light source contains the answer to a murder, sheep try to take over the world, a track played backwards contains the answers. That is all that you will know about my novel for now, because that is all I know. Oh yes I have just introduced a gun virgin! Don't ask.

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Dre said...

"When the world is mad I am mad, when the world is sane, I stay mad."

Good deal man, thats the way to go.