Thursday, August 17, 2006

Some Poetry

Remembrance of Winter
I heard first the
snap and crack of
ice like fire sounding
in heat. Then a
loud boom, as black
booted feet slipped down
into liquid winter. Submerged,
I kicked for life
for air, heavy water
froze my hands and eyes,
travelling through my nose
and down my windpipe.
The ice above me
let in light, a
shimmer of world above
as I fought for
another ten years of
life -- a loving wife,
two laughing children rolling
down summer mustard hills.
I stopped kicking and
listened to eerie sounds
of winter, the wail
of wind, the creaking
silver sheets of ice
that cried like a
whining white seal in
search of mother's milk.
I swam up and
down, a lucid boy
confusing left to right
choking on Slush Puppy
water, legs anchoring to
the deep endless pit
that no boy could
swim down. When it
was time to quit
my body froze, arms
sticking to my side.
When eyes rimmed with
ice, strong daddy arms
hoisted me into the sun.

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