Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Sleep on Dreams -- RandomThoughtsSixteen

Here I am, no good to anyone, not even to me.

Look at the ticking clock, I am timeless, I do not watch the clock or remind myself of time. See me floating on the clouds, I am still a boy. When is a child no longer a child? When is a man no longer a boy?

Truth is here, let me listen to it's music let me sleep on dreams. Once I am white and wrinkled I will beg for wings to fly, maybe now I should be thinking of growing wings, watch you don't fly too close to the sun.

Paris is lovely at this time of year. The tall metal Eiffel tower reaches upwards as women rush around behind their designer fur coats attracted to any label that will say: “Look at me I am unique I am a separate entity from others." Another crocodile handbag never satisfies as the cocaine is sniffed up the nose.

Truthful I ponder on my madness, I await the enlightenment in my mind. I seek to know, seek to gain, seek to love.

When morning breaks and sunlight comes I shall awake.

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