Tuesday, August 08, 2006


You are forever,
Still glazed and
Frozen, sun God
You are not,
Iced and skinless,
you have become
A loveless lament,
of brittle-bone,
feeding on prison food –
Sick, devil man
Invite the mouth
To drink pure water;
Stale crumbs leave
The stomach pounding
With the heart.

Pleasantries exist, not
here, in the treeless
sky – perhaps, in
the speckled fields
Of frozen snow - a possibility.
A robin hops forever,
A brave chest-full,
A sunset voice adds colour.

When cold chews
The hands and gnaws
The feet, you are alone,
Caged by your hands,
Your slender fingers
Leave cracks to
Glance at a splash
Of red, a northern star,
A world lost forever.

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