Wednesday, August 16, 2006

My Brother

I haven't mentioned my brother yet on here, I guess it is about time. My younger brother is crazy, I've got to give him that, -- I love him to bits, though he bothers me sometimes and he has a way of generating bad energy when I'm playing that ancient game Virtual Fighter with him. Haha

He sent me this piece of music, called You Forsook Me that I love, typically half finished, but I have played it at least twenty times tonight. He has developed this nice eighties sound, and I like that about him. He has even written a few pieces that he let me have a go at screaming I think he wrote them to make me happy -- I am a secret metal fan. Surprise, surprise!

Of course brothers fight, I'm the eldest so of course my brothers want to challenge me, it is normal. I don't care if I they want to, I'm a bit of a lazy guy, I never felt I should push dominance.

So my brother is a musician, plays numereous instruments, sings, produces and writes his own music. I do hope he can find a band, at the moment he is a one man band, he needs new equipment, he could be producing hits, his music is damn catchy. Good luck bro.

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J.M said...

haha! touching...
yes jay is very cool, and i know he'll really make something of himself one day.